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25 August 1946

Lutheran Worship Services were held in Redcliffe in 1945/46 in homes. On 25th August 1946, the Parish opened with the first Service in CWA Hall Redcliffe. In October of that year the name ‘Grace Lutheran Church, Redcliffe’ was selected.

17 March 1950

The first combined meeting of the ELCA & UELCA Congregations considered building a single church for both congregations. On 9th November 1952, the first ever Australian Lutheran Church (Grace) opened for combined Synods ELCA & UELCA in McNaughton St, Redcliffe.

23 February 1960

Joint ownership of the Church ceased when ELCA decided to build at Woody Point.

11 September 1966

A committee was elected to look at the feasibility of a Child Care Centre being started. This centre commenced operations in December of that year.

29 November 1966

The two congregations of Grace and Redeemer united into one Parish after the merger of the two Lutheran Synods – ELCA and UELCA.


Grace Lutheran Primary School commenced in Redeemer Church, Woody Point. By 1972, land was purchased on Maine Rd, Clontarf. The first building of the new Grace Primary School was opened in 1973.

January 1978

A ‘High-Top’ year 8 commenced at Grace Primary School. This class was the genesis of Grace Lutheran College. The “High Top” continued at the Maine Rd. School for two years before moving to the Rothwell campus.

January 1980

Grace Lutheran College started classes at Rothwell Campus.

15 February 1980

The two Congregations, Grace and Redeemer, dissolved and re-formed into one congregation with the new name, “Faith Lutheran Church Redcliffe.” The first combined service was held in the Kindergarten “Courtyard”.


A building committee prepared plans for Worship Centre incorporating Grace Church in McNaughton St. Redcliffe. In 1984 the Redcliffe City Council expressed a view that a new Church in McNaughton St would be an over-development of the land. Plans for McNaughton St Church re-development were abandoned in favour of building on Grace Lutheran Primary School land in Maine Rd, Clontarf.

5 May 1986

The Congregation meeting decided to move the regular Sunday Church Service from the Kindergarten in Meredith St to the School Hall in Clontarf. Also around this time, the District President requested Faith look at commencing new congregation at the College. Faith believed that was “out of the question at the moment”.


The Uniting Church at Gerald Av & Maine Rd. came on the market. This land was purchased and a new building erected.

19 April 1988

The Congregation & College Councils met with Home Mission Committee re outreach at Rothwell. Services were held at College from 4 April 1989 on the third Sunday of the month.

6 June 1989

The change of name of the Congregation (from ‘Faith’) to Grace was accepted unanimously. “Grace” would give uniformity with the other Lutheran institutions in Redcliffe.

3 December 1989

The new building was dedicated.


Regular Sunday night worship services commenced in the College Music Room. In 1991 Rothwell attendance averaged 34 people.

5 July 1995

Rothwell Fellowship discussed becoming separate a preaching place. In 1997 Rothwell Fellowship became a preaching place and the Parish Constitution was amended.


Rothwell preaching place decided to dissolve for a time. Worship services ceased at Rothwell around this time.


As Grace College Chapel approached completion, Grace College Council was considering holding services there. The M & V Team of Grace Congregation liaised with the College Council with a view to Grace Congregation involvement in worship at Rothwell. A regular worship service was re-established sometime around 2009 with the Pastor of Grace Congregation.