The purpose of the blue card system is to contribute to the creation of safe and supportive environments for children and young people when receiving services and participating in activities which are essential to their development and wellbeing, such as child care, education, sport, and cultural activities.

You may not think you need a Blue Card but it may be beneficial for possible future opportunities. You may apply for a Blue Card through the church at no cost.

If you need a Blue Card application form or to apply online please proceed to the Blue Card website. Once completed, please either leave the form in the Office pigeon hole in the Church foyer or send it to the Church Office using the form below.

If you already have a Blue Card but have not yet given the details of your card to the Church Office (including card number, expiry date and a copy of the card), please submit it using the form below, or contact the Church Office.

If you received your Blue Card through another organisation (not Grace Lutheran Church), please make sure to complete a linking form and submit it to the church office.