The Growing Faith at Home devotionals are provided by Grow Ministries, a ministry of the Lutheran Church of Australia. They are designed to help your household live, share and celebrate faith together each and every week. They include:

  • Daily Bible Readings – a Bible reference is given for each day of the week, picking up a theme or themes from the Sunday reading. These can be used by individuals or the whole family.
  • Scripture Verses for the Week– one or two key Bible Verses are printed out from an easy-to-read translation. Say these aloud when you gather. Try to memorise some throughout the year.
  • Short Prayers based on the readings are included “For the Week” and “for throughout the day.” Families can pray these together or they can be used for personal devotions.
  • The Words to Share can be spoken responsively by family members. Introduce this simple practice as a way of hearing God’s Word in your home each day.
  • Mealtime Prayer— a different mealtime prayer is provided each week for you to say together before you eat.
  • A Blessing to Give – bless each other in your home each day with a Scripture-based blessing.

More information can be found here.