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Confirmation is a Rite within the Lutheran Church whereby people have an opportunity to ‘confirm their faith’ (make a public affirmation of the faith as expressed on the day of their baptism), and to ‘be confirmed in the faith’ (to receive a blessing).

A Course of Instruction is held leading to Confirmation. This instruction towards Confirmation usually commences around the time young people begin High School. In this time of instruction young people have an opportunity to explore God’s Word and reflect on the core teachings of the Lutheran Church as expressed in Martin Luther’s Small Catechism. The Course of Instruction usually runs over a twelve month period, and currently the young people meet with Pastor (and other Congregation members) on Sundays after Worship. Those who attend this course need their own Bible, as well as a copy of Martin Luther’s Small Catechism (both can be provided by the Congregation).

Confirmation may also occur for those people who are not members of the Lutheran Church, but who wish to become a formal member of the Lutheran Church. This course of Instruction is often called a ‘Pastor’s Class’ or ‘Inquirer’s Class’ and explores the core teachings of the Christian church from a Lutheran perspective.

For more information on ‘Confirmation’ or an ‘Inquirer’s Class’, please contact Pastor (you may use the form below).

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