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The Church believes marriage is a gift given to us by God. It is a gift not only for Christians but for all people. However, a Christian wedding is special in that it involves Scripture readings which bring the Word of God to bear on the marriage, and prayers and blessings for the couple. The vows taken in a wedding are very profound (“For as long as we both shall live…”) and are made not only in the presence of family and friends but in the presence of God.

Because of all this, some preparation is required for those seeking a wedding conducted by a Pastor of our Church. This preparation involves several sessions with Pastor for pre-marriage instruction, to explore what the Bible teaches about marriage, and to prepare the necessary legal paperwork. Pastors of the Lutheran Church of Australia (as ‘Registered Ministers of Religion’) are also required by law to perform marriages according to the Rites of the Lutheran Church of Australia.

If you are interested in having Pastor conduct a wedding ceremony, please contact the Church Office or Pastor. We can then speak about details such as possible dates and times, church requirements, donations schedule, etc. It is helpful to contact Pastor well in advance of a proposed wedding date to ensure that the Pastor and church are available on the date you may choose.

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